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HCG and Testosterone Therapy

What is Testosterone Therapy? How does HCG work with this therapy to help men.

Testosterone Therapy

Testosterone hormone replacement therapy for men has many very significant benefits. Physical causes are known to be responsible for 75% of the cases of male impotence and 90% of those cases in patients over age 50. Decreased testosterone level is a major cause of erection failure in men.

Benefits of Testosterone Therapy for men deficient in testosterone include the following:

* increased male sex drive
* improve male sexual performance
* enhance mood in men
* reduce depression in men
* increased energy and vitality
* increased strength and endurance
* regulate distribution of body fat
* develops lean muscle mass

Testosterone plus HCG combined Hormone Replacement Therapy

Physicians recommend and prescribe human Chorionic Gonadotorpin for men undergoing testosterone replacement therapy. hCG prevents testicular atrophy form occurring during the course of continuing testosterone replacement therapy for men deficient in naturally produced testosterone and also causes an increase in the body's natural production of testosterone.

HCG is also prescribed to cause the body to again produce higher levels of natural testosterone after an individual has lost his natural testosterone production due to excessive use or abuse of inappropriate prescription drugs.