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HCG Diet And Health Tips, Issue #001 -- Get Some Sleep

October 29, 2007

Want to lose weight?
Give Up That Late Nite TV Show
Get An Extra Hour Of Sleep Instead

Did you know?

A person who sleeps seven hours a night and consumes 2,500 calories during the remaining 17 hours of the day can cut 147 calories by simply sleeping an extra hour instead of watching TV. That would calculate out to a body-weight reduction of about 14 pounds per year!

Dr. Simeons did a study on obese patients and the study revealed that the patients that slept eight hours or more loss significantly more weight than those patients sleeping less.

This fact also explained why people who suffer from a sleep apnea*, a known thief of sleep, tends to gain weight at an above normal rate.

(*Sleep apnea is a common disorder that causes breathing to stop or become very shallow while you are sleeping, resulting in low and irregular sleep)

It's a known fact that obesity is a major factor in a sleep apnea, and is often listed as one of the main causes. Obesity in sleep apnea patients is often attributed to lack of exercise, since apnea causes sleep deprivation, and, of course, the more sleep deprived a person becomes, the less active he or she is and the result is less exercise. Less exercise equals weight gain.

Not entirely true!

This did not seem to be the case in Dr. Simeons study. He found a direct correlation to low sleep, with or without a very strict calorie control, a person with a sleep apnea, put on more pounds than those who had regular sleep.

Unfortunately, a large proportion of current society schedules are so heavy and stressful it does not allow enough time for sleep. This leaves a society both overweight and deprived of much needed sleep. To make matters worse there is little to no energy left to exercise and so sedentary activities are often the choice for recreational needs.

Adjusting your schedule to sleep 8 hours a night can help you lose weight.

TIPS For Breaking Old Habits and Getting Some Extra Sleep

1. Don't eat right before bed, but try not to go to bed hungry either. For those of you that are on the hCG Weigh loss program, save your allotted piece of fruit and eat it before you go to bed.

2. Regular exercise is good for the body and always suggested when you are on a weight loss program; however, make sure you exercise at least three hours before you go to bed.

3. When you are so tired or overly tired you can't sleep take a walk around the block and just look at everything while you are walking, the trees, flowers, houses until you start to feel sleepy then go right home and jump into bed

4. Take a nice warm bath - no showers, even warm showers energize you and keep you awake

5. Caffeine, cigarettes, and alcoholic beverages don't help you sleep, in fact they may actually make sleep impossible, so avoid these late in the afternoon and evening.

5a) Try some herbal tea instead, Chamomile is the best and highly recommended if you are on the hCG Weight Loss Program

6. Don't take a daytime nap if you have trouble sleeping at night.

7. Make your bedroom a pleasant place for sleeping. Set your thermostat to a temperature you find comfortable and make your room as dark and quiet as possible.

8. If you have been trying to sleep for 30 minutes and are still awake, get out of bed. Use one of the remedies above, take a walk, take a warm bath or drink some herbal tea.

Or read a fairy tale!
It works for small children why not adults!

Hope this information was useful! See You next week with another great tip!

Hoping you stay healthy and happy while losing weight,