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Important Infomation regarding HCG Prescriptions

hCG Frequently Asked Questions;

  1. Can vegetarians/vegans take the hCG injection? Yes, they can.
  2. Are there any known side effects from the injections? No, there are not any known side effects from the injections.
  3. Is hCG a synthetic drug? No, hCG is composed of a natural hormone found in pregnant females.
  4. I am lactose intolerant. Can I still take the hCG injection? Yes, you can still take the injection.
  5. Do I have to restrict my salt intake? No, you do not have to restrict your salt intake. However, salt is known to retain water, therefore decreasing the amount of salt you ingest daily can certainly help.
  6. Will I lose weight with the hCG injections? Yes, you will lose anywhere from .5-3 pounds per day with the injections. It is important to note that it is vital that you increase your vegetable and water intake in order to be more successful in your weight loss venture.
  7. Is it true that hCG is made from animal urine or from extracting the hormone from a woman? No, hCG is a natural hormone that is made in a laboratory. It consists of scientists making the hormone from sterile cells.
  8. Do I need a prescription for the hCG injection? Yes, this is not available as an over the counter drug. A special licensed doctor is the only one who can prescribe hCG. Therefore, a prescription is needed if you plan to inject the hCG shots yourself.
  9. Does the hCG injection work for both men and women? Yes, the hCG injection works on both genders.
  10. Do I have to start exercising when I start the hCG injections? No, you do not. It is not recommended that you start any high impact exercise program until you are almost at your weight loss goal. However, walking, cycling, and other casual activities can be introduced.
  11. Will I gain the weight back over time? hCG will help you to obtain the weight loss that you desire. However, the body does need time to adjust to this change. As for gaining the weight back, it is important to know that during this time you have undergone a lifestyle change. In other words, eat in moderation, avoid junk food, and exercise daily as to help keep your weight in check.
  12. Will my insurance cover the hCG injections? Insurance companies do not usually cover hCG injections or hCG tablets. It is important to note that some insurance companies do cover them if your physician has recommended it and you are more than 110 pounds overweight.