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British Doctor Discovers Amazing Weight Loss & Obesity Cure

…………major medical breakthrough research completed for the cure of obesity worldwide completed with clinical trial results starting in the 1950s and all relevant research and result compilations completed in 1965 by Dr. A T Simeons to consistent results produced one for one, patient to patient.

It was proven beyond a doubt, with thousands of clinical trials all ages and physical conditions to cure the patient by the discovered source of what caused the excess weight, a specific master gland, that in turn when corrected, the patient’s body is reset to normal functions. This weight loss cure discovery was “lost” from the mainstream medical community as a weight loss cure protocol since the death of Dr. Simeons in 1967. At that time only 300 manuscripts were printed and sent to specific medical doctors world wide on the cure to obesity and the clinical trials conducted with astounding results, actually CURING the weight problem world wide and giving people their lives back . This weight loss cure discovery was buried from the main stream public for over 40 years, making it impossible to actually cure the obesity epidemic that is occurring worldwide according to current Federal Trade Commission statistics.

The rediscovery of this lost weight loss cure technology is owed wholly to best selling author, Kevin Trudeau, going public with Dr. Simmeons medical /clinical trials and writing a best seller for the general public making it possible for the first time since 1967 for people worldwide, to actually cure their weight problem and stop the vicious circle of “dieting”/ losing and regaining, and all the inheritant health and mental problems that go along with unhealthy excess weight, as well as the depression and hopelessness that goes along with the known fact that all current diets on the market to date do not guarantee to “cure” the weight problem but only promote a healthier lifestyle of eating and a disciplined diet and exercise program. This weight loss cure development is what we have all been waiting for and will make major improvements in the health of not only the general public but opens the door to the cure to the obesity problem for the medical community as well..